Créée en 1967 l’entreprise JEAN-MARIE REYNAUD a toujours été animée par la passion d’un homme pour la transcription musicale de haute qualité. Au départ, très artisanale, l’entreprise s’est petit à petit dotée de moyens de production et de recherche de plus en plus performants. Elle dispose actuellement d’une usine de production et de stockage de 2OOO m² ce qui la place parmi les premières entreprises Française spécialisées dans la production d’enceintes acoustiques de haute qualité. Son laboratoire très équipé associé à une chambre sourde de grandes dimensions permet le développement, l’étude et la production de produits sophistiqués et en constante évolution. Reconnues et saluées par la presse spécialisé Française et Internationale, les enceintes JEAN-MARIE REYNAUD sont présentes dans de nombreux pays. Résolument tournée vers la plus haute qualité malgré des prix très réalistes, animée par une passion toujours aussi vive la société JEAN-MARIE REYNAUD reste fidèle aux idées qui ont fait sa réputation. Refusant sans cesse toute fausse technologie mais capable de s’adapter très vite et avec enthousiasme aux meilleurs et plus récents développements techniques, la rigueur qu’elle impose au niveau de la conception et de la fabrication lui assure une remarquable et forte image de marque que lui envient bien des constructeurs.



For those who have endured the long wait for the EUTERPE to benefit from the new research and technology that transformed the Cantabile, Offrande, Orféo and Concorde into Supremes, your patience has been finally been rewarded.

The EUTERPE SUPREME is the result of the optimization of all components and uses the most advanced technologies of our newest Supreme models. Patient laboratory study accompanied by long hours of comparative listening helped develop the EUTERPE SUPREME’s full potential and to optimize all of its technical and acoustic parameters. The processing of loudspeaker units as well as the internal wiring have been fully reviewed and optimized in order to achieve a level of performance of the highest order in harmony with the last developments of the brand. The results are gratifying: the new Euterpe is more open sounding. Its overall sound is lively, wonderfully lit, and particularly homogeneous, with rich and varied timbres. There is a deep and stable extensive stereo image untypical of floor-standing speakers. Equally important, it has a highly articulate low frequency range along with the frank impact all fans of floor-standers crave. Truly versatile, the Euterpe Supreme will satisfy lovers of music across the range just as its bigger brothers do, providing hours and hours of listening without fatigue. It gracefully distills musicianship of the highest order and is entirely consistent with the philosophy of the most ambitious speakers in our current range models.

Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 40-22000 Hz
Power handling capacity: 80 W
Peak Power: 160 W
Sensitivity: 90 dB/W/M
Distorsion: inférieure à 0.6% (84dB)
Connection: Mono-Câblage
Dimensions: H 92; L 20; P 33 cm
Price: 2450,00 €


Developed without compromise and using the best of our components and latest technical developments, the ABSCISSE synthesizes the rigor of our work and the culmination of our research is to take us closer to the heart of the music.

ABSCISSE is a mathematical term referring to the axis given to our research in the past and tracing it toward the future. It was developed with the primary aim of creating as compact a system as possible, which can be installed with minimal positioning constraints. It responds perfectly to the request of a music loving public sensitive to shimmering timbres, breathing and articulation of an interpretation. Thanks to its exemplary linearity, its exact pulse response, and to a particularly fast and regular damping decay, the ABSCISSE has luminous expressiveness without a trace of hardness, enabling it to provide hours of listening without fatigue. It is modern in form and spirit: quick, transparent, and responsive to the slightest solicitation, without betraying the richness and natural warmth of complex sounds in all music styles. Its appearance is very sculptural, rooted in his time, thanks to its beautiful matte black lacquer. Physically, the ABSCISSE disappears to make room for a very large, deep, and very stable soundstage. Its midrange and treble registers are very refined, both luminous and rich. Details of recording takes, the geometric proportions of a studio or a concert hall are very easy to read, without false light, letting the backgrounds sounds, too often obscured by an erratic gradient harmonic, come through with great freedom. The low end frequencies are fast and particularly well articulated, allowing the ABSCISSE to be installed in any room, even a very small one, with constant and perfectly controlled energy. ABSCISSE is the first creation developed without my father. It is the witness of my respect for his long work of talented researcher and of the fruit of the fabulous legacy he gave me during our many years of studies and common design.

Bande passante: 35-25000 Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Power handling capacity: 100 W
Peak Power: 250 W
Power handling: 40 à 250 W
Sensitivity: 91 dB/W/M (2.83 V)
Filter type: 6-12-18db/Octave à 400 et 2200 Hz
Connection : Mono ou bi-câblage
Dimensions: H 115; P 30; L 20 cm
Bi-Amplification: Oui passive
Price: 5250,00 €


Located at the core our our range, the CANTABILE has always had a very strong attachment to its creator, epitomizing the sonic aesthetic so dear to JMR. Fluidity, nuance, spontaneity, agility and sophistication typify this compact speaker of a sober and timeless design. Its slim silhouette with its small top-mounted tweeter head overlooking the gracious proportion of its enclosure is typical of some of the most famous JMR productions and so is clearly identifiable. Research and development conducted over the last few years in advanced fields of acoustics and electronics, have enabled us to achieve remarkable improvement in musical performance compared with just a few years back. The CANTABILE Jubilee has benefited from the results of this research achieving a remarkable degree of sound realism and maturity. We have completely revised the crossover and have designed a new enclosure for the new particularly efficient silk dome tweeter. The shape of the tweeter enclosure has been optimized. The diameter of this enclosure has increased significantly and is positioned further back on the cabinet to allow ultra-precise dynamic phasing. Its length has been increased, and the curve of its profile softened. The low resonance frequency of the tweeter and its very low rate of distortion have enabled us to lower the crossover frequency to 3 kHz, thus increasing the speaker’s overall coherence. The slope of its 12dB/octave crossover offers a cross point with the medium driver at only 0.2 ° phase shift, and its directivity is particularly low. The crossover makes uses of the fewest possible components, making the Cantabile Jubilee much more reactive and even easier to drive than its predecessor. The entirety of the component values and their nature were reviewed to obtain a more alive and vivid speaker. Although its size is ultra-compact for a floor stander loudspeaker, the CANTABILE Jubilee offers a particularly spacious, wide and deep soundstage which has incredible spatial accuracy. Performances unfold not only in width but also in height and reach, beyond the geometry the enclosure. This new Cantabile remains unflappable: even when asked to handle very large differences in sound levels, there is no trace of projection or harshness. What we hear from the Jubilee Cantabile is light and shades: the tiny inflections of instrumental play naturally follow, without false light; transients are vivid and accurate without compromising the overall harmonic envelope. The truthfulness and humanity of the middle register of the Cantabile has always been its principal asset noticed by music lovers. This Jubilee version of the Cantabile retains what has made this model successful since its inception, but now there is even more fluidity and air. It makes a rich, complex and truly natural impression, without a hint of extravagance. We get a sense of that feeling of "already heard" that only a ‘live’ event can provide. Characteristic of all of the best JMRs, the CANTABILE Jubilee has a fast and perfectly controlled bass that never exaggerates. It remains perfectly tuned, providing sufficient energy for an average room, which has always been the Cantabile’s preferred and intended venue. Its bandwidth is extremely linear, and above all, it offers homogeneity quite remarkable for a speaker of its size. As agile and alert on a string quartet as more sonically demanding contemporary music, it offers the listener hours of listening without weariness or fatigue. Its level of performance enables it to be associated with quality amplifiers of moderate power. Furthermore, thanks to its very high quality, the CANTABILE Jubilee can be the centerpiece of a permanent installation of considerable sophistication. Very easy to implement and position for listening, its slim figure will blend perfectly in a modern or classic decor.

CANTABILE Jubilee embodies the know-how of the contemporary JMR mind, fed by 50 years of pragmatic and sensitive research in music service.

The sound world to which the CANTABILE Jubilee takes us sounds utterly free of technical considerations, and instantly takes us to the heart of music and emotions.

Impedance: 4 ohm
Frequency response: 35-25000 Hz
Power handling capacity: 90 W
Peak Power: 170 W
Power handling: 10-200 W
Sensitivity: 91 dB/W/M (2.83 V)
Distorsion: Below 0,5% (level 85 dB)
Filter type: 2,5 way: 6 - 6 - 12 db / Octave Slope
Connection: Single or double wiring
Dimensions: H 108, D 20, W 30 cm (H 42,5'', D 8'', W 12'')
Height (overall): 108 cm (42,5'')
Bi-Amplification: In passive mode only
Price: 3950,00 € / 4250,00 €


Very soon after I saw the first outlines of the technical study of the original Offrande and then saw the results of the first tests, it was clear to me what the potential for the speaker could be. From that point, it became for me a continuous source of passion, astonishment, and joy.”

The Offrande Supreme is designed for those who no longer find the spectacle of ‘high fidelity’ an attraction. More than ever this speaker makes it possible to understand without effort the expression and artistic intentions of musicians. It’s its greatest asset and strength. This ultimate version of the Offrande is no doubt the most achieved version of the speaker and the closest to the sensibility of its creator, Jean-Marie Reynaud. It is a synthesis of his conspicuous taste for an absolute transcription of a musical performance, responsive to both musical information and the quality of musical emotion that was so dear to him. It is the most personally emblematic and mysterious product he has ever made. A soul, an obvious profundeur, emanates from this small speaker, placing it apart from the rest of the high fidelity market. He would say that it represent him, and indeed it does. Humble and transparent, the Offrande touches deeply those who, like him, want to be at the core of music and its interpreters. It is the result of 45 years of experience, of patient, absolute and profoundly humanistic research for the benefit of music. Music must humbly aims at delighting, extreme complication is contrary to art. Beauty must be delicate, it must make us feel immediately joyful, it must impose itself, or worm in ourselves preventing us to make any effort in order to grab it. Claude Debussy

Bande passante: 35-25000 Hz
Impédance: 4 ohms
Puissance admissible: 120 W
Puissance crête: 300 W
Puissance d'utilisation: 40 à 300 W
Sensibilité: 92 dB/W/M (2.83 V)
Type de filtrage: 6-12-18 db/Octave à 600 et 2200 Hz
Raccordement: Mono et bi-câblage
Dimensions: H 115; P 31; L 22 cm
Bi-Amplification: Oui passive
Cena: 8800,00 €


Three-way floor standing loudspeaker. When designing the CONCORDE SUPREME, our main goal was to achieve the widest bandwidth and the most precise transient response, while keeping it user friendly in terms of cabinet size.

The perfectly designed loading system of its amazing woofers allows the CONCORDE SUPREME to go extremely low, and to do so without any cabinet resonance, and without blurring low frequencies. Bass is deep, naturally sweet and bouncy, with remarkable drive. Its midrange allows timbres to bloom naturally. Fast, with low directivity, a total absence of coloration, and exceptional linearity, it portrays the artistic intentions of the performers in the most accurate yet relaxed way. The recording venue is recreated faithfully. Its extraordinary double ribbon tweeter adds to an already impressive ensemble. Perfectly in phase with the midrange driver, it allows the treble to shine and to melt smoothly with the rest of the music, recreating a coherent wave front. The strain associated with some tweeters is completely absent from such a design. The CONCORDESUPREME was, in term of design, both a challenge and a treat. It portrays music in a way that will amaze concert lovers. Though they require a reasonably wide room to give the best of themselves, setting up these speakers up is quite easy, thanks to the painstaking attention that went into cabinet damping. Also, in order to allow them to really shine, and to benefit from their startling dynamics in the low frequencies it is recommended to match them with amplifiers endowed with a high current capability.

Bande passante: 30-25000 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power handling capacity: 120 W
Peak Power: 250 W
Power handling: 40 à 250 W
Sensitivity: 93 dB/W/M (2.83 V)
Dimensions: H 138; P 30; L 28 cm
Hauteur hors tout: 55.0000
Price: 11550,00 €



The BLISS makes use of the exclusive loading system developed for the Offrande Signature, giving it the ability to reproduce a sound environment considerably larger than the modest size and architecture of its enclosure would lead one to expect.

Spontaneous and lively with rich and marvelous tone, it provides a very smooth subjective spectrum of sound and is capable of exploring the very low end without hump or drag effect. The BLISS doesn't pretend to be ' as big as a beef ' but should suit those who know what real live music is all about.

Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 45-25000 Hz
Power handling capacity: 70 W
Peak Power: 140 W
Sensitivity: 89 dB/W/M
Distorsion: inf. a 0.7% (niveau 84 dB)
Connection: Mono-Câblage
Dimensions: H 43; P 27; L 22 cm
Price: 1430,00 €


These four instruments, made from the wood of one tree by nineteenth century instrument-maker JB Vuillaume, made me understand how much harmony could arise from a set of instruments conceived as a set rather than as individual pieces. Moved by the sonic beauty and sublime complementary harmony of these four instruments, I tried to apply a new methodology to the conception and the development of a pair of loudspeakers, designed not as single units but as a pair, to be played with each other for stereophonic listening. I saw that what was needed to achieve perfectly harmonious musical results would be an absolute match of the electric and mechanical performance of the pair. I thus began the study of the BLISSSILVER, which had to meet these specifications.

Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 45-25000 Hz
Power handling: 30 à 120 Watts
Sensitivity: 89 dB/W/M (2.83 volts)
Connection: Mono-Câblage
Dimensions: H 43; P 27; L 22 cm
Price: 2100,00 €


Depuis sa naissance en 1994 je n’ai eu de cesse de la faire évoluer afin de la rendre à chaque nouvelle étape encore plus proche de la musique et des musiciens. Aujourd’hui l’Offrande Suprême V2 témoigne de ma recherche têtue du meilleur résultat possible. Les plus infimes détails de son architecture et de ses composants ont été méticuleusement optimisés afin que rien d’artificiel ou de mécanique ne puisse entraver ses performances et sa respiration naturelle. L’Offrande Suprême V2 est conçue pour ceux que le spectacle d’une certaine « haute fidélité » a cessé de séduire. Plus que jamais elle permet de comprendre sans effort le discours musical et l’intention artistique des interprètes. C’est sa plus grande richesse et sa plus grande force.

Impedance: 8 ohms (minimum 6 ohms)
Frequency response: 30-25000 Hz
Power handling capacity: 90 W
Peak Power: 290 W
Sensitivity: 91 dB/W/M
Filter type: type 12-18 dB à 2200 Hz
Connection: Mono et Bi-câblage
Dimensions: (hors pied) H45; P 42; L 24 cm
Bi-Amplification: Oui Passive
Price: 7000,00 €



Design limitations of current loudspeaker stands. It is well known that the rigidity,weight, and floor-decoupling characteristics of a loudspeaker stand can dramatically alter the performance characteristics of the loudspeaker with which it is used, and there are many stands on the market today that feature various combinations and applications of these design elements. However, all current loudspeaker stands share a design flaw with regard to the establishment of standing waves between the floor and the upper part of the stand, resulting in unintended anomalies in frequency and phase response.

A new paradigm. In order to overcome the inherent design limitations of current loudspeaker stand technology and the associated coloration and smearing of the program material, Jean-Marie Reynaud has designed his type of loudspeaker stand, the MAGIC STAND. The MAGIC STAND II® uses an exclusive active system of two Hemholtz resonators tuned at two different frequencies, with the front surfaces arranged to optimally diffract low frequency signals from 100 to 400 Hz. The spectacular results achieved with the MAGIC STAND are not only audible, but also measurable, as shown by the pink noise analysis frequency response curves provided in the slideshow. In the first test condition, the loudspeaker was placed on a remarkably heavy and inert hollow metallic stand (lower curve). In the second, the loudspeaker was placed on a MAGIC STAND (upper curve). Heights of the two different stands was the same, and the microphone was situated in the same place relative to the loudspeaker.

Weight: 6,70 kg
Height (overall): 75 cm
Column dimensions: 15 cm
Base dimensions: L 23; P 30 cm
Support dimensions: L 15; P 25 cm
Price: 520,00 €



Ce CD créé par Jean Marie Reynaud contient des signaux destinés à accélérer et intensifier le fonctionnement des enceintes et des appareils, leur permettant d'atteindre leurs caractéristiques qualitatives maximales plus rapidement, et pour les enceinte, de manière plus poussée. Jean Marie Reynaud a d'abord développé ces signaux pour ses propres besoins, afin d'atteindre plus rapidement la stabilisation des caractéristiques des équipements des enceintes (les haut-parleurs). Par la suite, il a proposé cet enregistrement à son réseau de revendeurs, leur donnant les moyens d'un rodage plus rapide et plus poussé des enceintes proposées à l'écoute, et a finalement décidé de le rendre accessible aux particuliers, pour leurs propres besoins. Attention, l'utilisation de ce disque de rodage nécessite des précautions particulières, pour ne pas détériorer les matériels. L'utilisation de ce disque se fait sous la responsabilité exclusive des personnes qui l'emploient. Veillez à bien vous faire montrer les niveaux de réglages à ne pas dépasser. Ce CD opère un puissant raccourcissement du temps de rodage des matériels, qu'il conviendra pour les enceintes JMR de poursuivre avec des messages musicaux passés en continu. Un rodage abouti des enceintes JMR s'opère par les 2 méthodes conjointes: musiques et CD de rodage. N'hésitez pas à nous demander une démonstration du mode d'action de ce CD, et du réglage d'utilisation. Pour plus d'informations sur le rodage et le CD de rodage, vous pouvez consulter la page "Rodage et Magic CD" dans la rubrique Actualité>Conseils / mise en oeuvre. Ce CD a été réalisé avec soin, il est destiné à réduire très significativement le temps de rodage des éléments d'une chaîne haute fidélité (environ 10 fois moins de temps qu'avec un programme musical). Il ne comporte aucune plage musicale. Il doit donc être considéré comme un instrument purement technique et ne sera utilisé qu'avec du matériel de haute qualité. Sur ce disque est enregistré un signal de bruit aléatoire en bande étroite permettant de simuler, à un niveau de bruit raisonnable, les conditions extrêmes d'utilisation des éléments de la chaîne et en particulier, celles qui concernent toutes ses parties mécaniques (lecteur CD et haut-parleurs). Il doit être utilisé avec les plus extrêmes précautions afin d'éviter tout incident aux différents maillons de la chaîne (essentiellement les haut parleurs). La bande étroite de bruit aléatoire enregistrée sur ce CD provient d'un signal obtenu à travers le filtrage du signal d'un générateur de bruit blanc alimenté par une série de modulateurs et de filtres. La résultante du signal est de 1.2 MHz de bande étroite de bruit aléatoire avec une largeur de bande réglable à 10 Hz ,31.6 Hz ,100 Hz ,316 Hz et 1000 Hz. La fréquence centrale de chaque échantillon enregistré sur ce disque a été choisie dans une bande comprise entre 2 Hz et 200 KHz.

Only private: Yes
Weight: 0.1 kg
Price: 30,00 €